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So-called beer sausage (Bierwurst) actually is made without beer, but perfectly with it is combined - perhaps, thanks to the healthy garlick aroma. But in "ham" sausage (Schinkenwurst) not less than a half of volume of forcemeat really is the share of ham with bacon.

So, if you manage to find the suitable town, first of all it is worth trying a traditional Berlin chop (Kotelett) or meatballs (Klops) with potato salad. Not bad option and a fried sausage with the curry sauce (Currywurst). It is best of all to wash down these dishes with the Berlin "white" beer (Berliner Weisse) to which according to your desire can add crimson or other fragrant syrup. Fortress of such drink is small, and taste quite gentle therefore it often call "ladies'". By the way, the special atmosphere to a meal is created by an old-fashioned oak interior of restaurant or a pothouse.

The total of sausage versions in Germany is estimated in hundreds. Externally they are similar to sausages habitual to us or sausages, thin and thick sausages. They are eaten cold and hot, for breakfast and a dinner, with them cook soups and salads.

For lunch it is worth trying classical Bavarian snack of Obatzte (cheese paste) or the well-known sausage salad. For salad take thin slices of the best sot of sausage, an onions ring, vinegar, gentle mustard and vegetable oil. And at many restaurants this salad is mixed still manually.

If to try to calculate a food product, typical for all Germany, most likely it will recognize sausage, in German Wurst. However uniform all-German sausage does not exist; not only in each region, but also in many big and small settlements there are sausage options with the history, the production technology and the devoted consumer.

German cuisine differs in a big variety of dishes from various vegetables, pork, a bird, game, veal, beef and fish. Vegetables it is consumed much, especially in a boiled look, as a garnish - a cauliflower, haricot pods, carrots, a red cabbage, etc.

The real Munich sausage on three quarters consists of the freshest veal (the rest, from here and the name "white". The parsley which is small cut manually not only improves taste of this sausage, but also gives it a special, coquettish look, appearing through through a thin cover; actually Weisswurst is a white sausage in a large green speck. She is more fat than some usual sausage (standard diameter of 30 mm) and sausages (12-15 cm) are longer. Boil such sausages in very hot, but not boiling water.

In general, life in prompt "the city of the world" boils and actively changes that cannot but be reflected and in traditional German cuisine. Here it is simpler to find something east or Asian, than the present German. However there is a hope that sometime it will take a worthy place in the homeland, having absorbed all the best of culinary traditions of other cultures.

However, the cookery of sixteen federal lands, everyone with the lines and traditions, demands validity of approach. Gradually, within big culinary travel, we will acquaint you with the most part of dishes of darlings in Germany and beyond its limits.

However, if your stomach is not so hardy as at most of Germans, costs though occasionally to grant to it a respite. So, in Bavaria, as well as in all Germany, in small small restaurants and even in traditional German pothouses there will be couple of dishes for vegetarians. Soy tofu, vegetable toasts and sprouts bean for a while will dull hunger before you again return to extravagances of the Bavarian cuisine.