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Actions of the population at floods are carried out taking into account flood anticipation time, and also experience of supervision of last years over manifestations of these elements. Scales of the floods, for example, caused by spring, summer or autumn floods can predict in a month and more, wind-induced floods – in some hours (about one days).

Earthquakes are the specific phenomena occurring in certain sites of crust. They can occur both on the land, and under water. Earthquakes always struck people with both the destructive force, and the consequences which are expressed in lowering of crust, activization of volcanic activity, formation of a tsunami etc.

Initial sign of the begun landslide motions is emergence of cracks on buildings, gaps on roads, coastal strengthenings and embankments, vypuchivany lands, shift of the basis of various high-rise designs and even trees in the lower part rather top.

Mud streams are streams from mountains of mix of water, sand, clay, crushed stone, splinters of stones and even boulders. Landslides result from violation of conditions of balance of slopes, most often on coast of the rivers and reservoirs; saturation to plastic and a fluidity therefore there is a slipping on a slope of huge mass of soil to all constructions and constructions is underground waters of clay breeds the main reason for their emergence.

At considerable time of anticipation of a flood actions for construction of the corresponding hydraulic engineering constructions on the rivers and in other places of the assumed - floods, on preparation and carrying out preliminary evacuation of the population and farm animals, on export of material values from areas of possible flooding are carried out.