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The real tree frogs - nearly the most beautiful animals from all class of reptiles. They are so beautiful and graceful that gained even favor of people so keep them in some countries as pets.

Sumchaty tree frog (Hyla marsupiata) one of the most beautiful tree frogs of tropical America. Primary color its bluish, on a back and on the head the little condensed; on all body there are longitudinal dark green strips with light specks and borders. This tree frog is very remarkable the similarity to marsupials mammal. The female on a back has a deep pole covered with skin folds, in it oosperms where they also develop are located. In process of growth of germs also the bag and when tadpoles develop so that can already float increases, mother lets out them in water.

The majority of amphibians having a tail live in water or about water: in oozy bogs, in lakes, in flutes, etc. All of them lead a nocturnalism, and hide in the afternoon. Their movements on the land are ordinary clumsy and slow, only the very few can be compared on the briskness to lizards, but in water are very quick, well float and dive, as well as fishes. Their food consists of small small fishes and mollusks, worms, spiders, insects and other small animals. Almost all amphibians having a tail are absolutely harmless to the person, on the contrary, even are useful as they exterminate harmful animals. It is very easy to support them in bondage.

Quite often it happens that the frog, at big haste, gets a paw to the opened sink of a mollusk. The last immediately slams the shutters, and the poor frog suffers until to a mollusk comes to mind again to open a sink and to release the paw restrained there. Having sat some time at the bottom, the frog carefully emerges, looking out, whether it is impossible to take seat again on a former place. With approach of evening of a frog gather in packs and in twilight, having taken place more conveniently somewhere, on a berezhka between stalks of plants, begin the concert, sight, the hearing and sense of smell at frogs are well developed; their comprehension is visible from this that they know well the enemies and if pursue them a little, become very trustful. The green frog can be called very predatory animal; it eats only the animals caught by her. Most often she devours insects, spiders and snails, does not give also to descent to young frogs and tadpoles, even own look.

The area of dwelling of these frogs is very extensive and comprises almost all Europe, northwest part of Africa and all western half of Asia. These animals meet ordinary in a large number in the places suitable for their residence; those are the small ozerka in particular surrounded with bushes and overgrown with water plants; ditches at least and drying up, but for a short time, a bog, bogs and bogs.