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The participants of society who made contributions to authorized capital not a bear a solidary according to its obligations in of cost of unpaid part of a contribution of each of participants of an.

The chairman of the board of directors (observant council of an will organize its work, convokes meetings of the Board of Directors ( council of society and presides over them, will organize maintaining the protocol at meetings, presides over general meeting of.

Modification and additions in the charter of society or the adoption of the charter of society is in the new edition carried out according to the solution of the general of shareholders. Entering into the charter of society of the changes connected with reduction of authorized capital of society is carried out on the basis of the decision on reduction of authorized capital of the society made by general shareholder meeting.

In society with number of shareholders - owners of voting shares to fifty having been tired societies can provide that functions of a of directors of society (observant council carries out general shareholder meeting.

The main characteristics of joint-stock company of an open are scales of the integrated capital and a large number of. The main idea which is usually pursued at creation of such form of private enterprise, consists in attraction and concentration of big money (the capital of the population and other enterprises for the purpose of their use for receiving profit.

Data on each registered stock, time of acquisition of an action, and also number of such actions at each of shareholders have to be brought in it. The joint-stock company can set restrictions of quantity (share) of the actions which are at one participant.

Society bears responsibility according to the obligations all to it property, it does not answer for obligations the. The state and its bodies do not bear responsibility on of society, as well as society does not answer for obligations the state and its bodies.

By the charter of society formation of audit commission, for societies where the number of participants exceeds the 15th formation of the commission surely can be provided. The person who is not the participant of society can be the member of audit commission. Board members, persons carrying out functions of individual executive body and members of joint body of society cannot be members of audit commission.

Management of the current activity of society is performed at executive body of society (the director, a general ) or collegiate executive body of society (board, management).

The increase in authorized capital of society by placement of actions is registered at a rate of the par value of additional actions. Thus the number of the declared actions of categories and types has to be increased by number of additional actions of these categories and types.

To the charter of society the size of a share of the participant can be limited, and also there can be an possibility of change of ratios of shares of participants of society. However such restrictions cannot

formation of executive bodies of Society and the termination of their powers, and also making decision on transfer of of individual executive body of Society of a commercial or to the individual entrepreneur (further - ), the statement such