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The structure of prime cost joins the raised costs of production of new types of production during their development, and also expenses on preparation and release of the products which are not intended for mass production. All other expenses connected with preparation and development of new types of production and technological processes are compensated from net profit. As a result the enterprises have opportunities for inclusion of the above-named

Except limit and cumulative costs exist also average costs of production. They represent costs of unit of products and share on average variable costs, average constant costs and average cumulative costs.

To solve, how many to let out production, heads of firms need to know how variable costs with growth of output will increase. In their interests to minimize costs since it is a way of maximizing profit. Cumulative (valova of costs represent the sum of constants and variable costs.

Internal costs are the costs belonging to this firm. They get a monetary form and from the point of view of the enterprise are equal to the monetary payments received by firm at the best of options of application of this resource. : owns any room. This person has no external costs in the form of a rent, etc. But it has internal costs as irrationally uses this resource. It could have profit if leased this room. And though internal costs are not reflected in accounting reports, they exist quite really and influence decision-making of the economic plan which consider the missed possibilities of the best use of the owned resources and the greatest generation of profit from this resource.