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Economic associations and societies the commercial organizations with divided into shares (deposits) of founders (the participant the authorized (depository) capital admit. The property created at the expense of deposits of founders (the participant, and also made and acquired by economic association or society in the course of its activity, belongs to it on the property right.

At detection of a treasure by the person running for excavation or search of values without consent to it of the owner of the land plot or other property where the treasure was hidden, the treasure is subject to transfer to the owner of the land plot or other property where the treasure was found.

Fund for the present Code the non-profit organization which does not have membership founded by citizens and (or) legal entities on the basis of voluntary property contributions pursuing social, charitable, cultural, educational or other socially useful purposes admits.

At detection of such treasure by the person making excavation or searches of values without consent of the owner of property where the treasure was hidden, remuneration to this person are not paid and completely arrives to the owner.

The owner of materials who lost them as a result of unfair actions of the person which carried out the processing having the right to demand transfer of a new thing to his property and compensations of the losses caused to it.

The organizations which are pursuing generation of profit as a main objective of the activity (the commercial organizations) or not having generation of profit as such purpose and not sharing the got profit between participants (non-profit organizations) can be legal entities.

The part of property of association or its cost which is due to the leaving participant is determined by the balance made except for the case provided in article 80 of the present Code at the time of its leaving.

Reorganization of the legal entity (merge, accession, division, allocation, transformation can be carried out according to the decision of his founders (the participant or body of the legal entity authorized on that by constituent documents.

The current of term of acquisitive prescription concerning the things which are at the person from which possession they could be claimed according to articles 301 and 305 of the present Code begins not earlier than the expiration of limitation period according to relevant requirements.