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In the course of formation of primary production including both organic, and inorganic compounds of carbon, concentration decreases. Influence of this process on alkalinity can be various. Each micromol of carbon used at formation of organic substance increases alkalinity approximately on 0,16 and when carbon is used for education, it decreases on 2. Thus, distinctions in spatial distribution and alkalinity contain information on relative values of production and decomposition or dissolution of organic and inorganic substance in the ocean. It is undoubted that the increase in concentration of the atmospheric creates a stream from the atmosphere to the ocean which in turn had to change preindustrial distribution in the top layers of the ocean.

Authors of article used as a basis for writing of this work analysed some of these possible factors and showed that under certain conditions in blankets of the ocean lower values of concentration of the dissolved inorganic carbon in comparison with modern can be observed, according to concentration atmospheric will be also others. This a carbon cycle at the ocean can be noted as the possible mechanism of increase in the carbon stream directed down in case warming in high latitudes causes reduction of the area of a sea ice cover. It is the mechanism of negative feedback between a carbon cycle and climatic system, i.e. temperature increase in the atmosphere has to lead to increase in absorption by the ocean and reduction of growth rate in the atmosphere.

Modern impacts of the person on climate can be divided into two groups from which the directed impacts on the hydrometeorological mode concern to the first, and to the second - the influences which are collateral consequences of economic activity of the person.

At estimates of possible values of concentration atmospheric in the future usually consider that the general circulation of oceans will not be will change. However it is undoubted that in the past it changed. If the warming caused by growth of concentration in the atmosphere is considerable, probably there will be some change of circulation of the ocean. In particular, intensity of formation of cold deep waters can decrease that in turn can lead to reduction of absorption anthropogenous the ocean.

The climate change problem as a result of emission of greenhouse gases has to be considered as one of the most important modern problems connected with long-term impacts on environment and it is necessary to consider it in total with other problems caused by anthropogenous impacts on the nature.

Change of circulation of carbon could happen also at increase in total amount of nutrients at the ocean. If availability of nutrients in blankets still is the major factor limiting photosynthesis, their concentration in these layers have to be very low. Therefore, has to the vertical gradient of concentration of nutrients between the surface water and deep layers impoverished by these substances will increase. In this case due to vertical hashing at the ocean more nutrients that will lead to growth of intensity of photosynthesis, and, therefore, increase in a stream of a detrit in deep layers of the ocean will be transferred to blankets. The vertical gradient of concentration will also increase, and superficial values and partsialny pressure thus will decrease.

If intensity of emissions in the atmosphere within the next four decades remains to a constant or will increase very slowly (no more than 0,5% in and will also grow in more long-term future very slowly, by the end of the XXI century concentration of the atmospheric will make about 440 million, i.e. no more, than for 60% will exceed preindustrial level.

Other kinds of activity of the person in the past had no noticeable impact on the meteorological mode some extensive spaces therefore until recently climatic conditions on our planet were defined by generally natural factors. Such situation started changing in the middle of the XX century because of rapid growth of population and especially because of acceleration of development of technology and power.