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The second category is made by transactions in which the Korean firms set the tasks connected with export expansion - to master own release of new high-quality products and to enter with them a foreign market.

Other picture developed at a "now how" broadcast. In compliance with technical agreements the foreign firm assumed obligations or to send technical consultants to South Korea, or to train local experts. In preparation of local shots the special value of the foreign technological help also consisted, under a condition if it was at the level of the last achievements of a scientific and technological revolution.

Thus we have "tripartite alliance": the state the local capital - the foreign capital. But at undoubted observance of interests of all three parties, the state is the only completely independent participant which decisions are obligatory for all others.

After the conducted research in South Korea the Advice Centre on attraction of technology which gave (at consultation foreign the expert preliminary estimates of "know how" planned to introduction for the purpose of elimination of negative factors was created.

As important condition of fast expansion of production and increase of its technological level the quantity and quality of labor acts. In the country the long time is noted a relative overpopulation, especially in rural areas.