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Formation of commitment to brand (creation of constant clients) promotes maintenance of strong and steady image of firm. There are some types of designations of trademarks: a logo – a symbol, drawing or distinctive color; a trade image – the personified trademark; the trademark (service mark) – a firm name, a logo, a commodity image.

First of all residents of industrially developed countries travel all over the world with the tourist purposes. So, the main consumers of foreign hotel and tourist services in Europe - citizens of Germany, Great Britain, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, Norway and Finland; in America - the USA, Canada and Mexico; in Asia - Japan, South Korea and Singapore. On citizens of the USA, Germany, Japan, Great Britain, Italy, France and Canada about 67% of expenses of all tourists of our planet leaving to other countries are necessary. And on residents of the USA, Germany and Japan - nearly 45%.

The sphere of tourism belongs to such kind of activity where the made product, being intangible, is consumed along with its production. The personnel of the enterprise has no chance of marriage correction, and also of return of the guest. It is very important point as quality of work of the personnel significantly influences qualitative characteristics of the tourist's product. So, it is possible to draw a conclusion: quality of service – a key to commercial success. As it was told earlier, at identical opportunities of travel agencies, quality of their service variously therefore we can designate high-class quality, a middle and low class. Tasks of the director include increase of a level of quality of service that is necessary for successful functioning of travel agency.

To define preparation of the personnel, there are certain professional standards to the main positions of workers of the tourist industry (qualification requirements) which are normative documents. They contain 3 parts: the name of sector and subsector of the tourist industry, number of qualification requirements, activity of workers, the name of positions of workers and the demanded levels of their education.

Quality of a tourist product – set of properties round of services and processes of service on satisfaction of the caused or estimated needs of tourists. Obligatory requirements to quality of a tourist product:

The second prefer individual travel. Having generally the higher education, they are interested in informative trips, seeking for change of impressions. Here two age categories are presented: average and "third" age. If persons of the "third" age travel as a part of groups, representatives of middle age prefer individual trips or trips small groups of friends and acquaintances. At these people distant travel lasting 2-3 weeks are of interest. Tourists are interested in souvenirs, and it can be the expensive products testifying that people made a long exotic trip.

Discretization (continuity) of production of tourist services and integrity of their consumption. Professionals of tourist industry often speak: hospitality – art of trifles. In ensuring quality of a tourist's product all services have to work equally accurately and qualitatively. For high-quality production of tourist's service it is equally important as work of the technical service responsible for elevators, serviceability of phones, locks, furniture or bathroom equipment.

Activity of workers: Providing information to clients, work with clients, booking and registration of tickets, sale of rounds, marketing and advertizing, work with tkroperator, performance of administrative functions.

Work on a subject allowed me to understand the basic concepts; to learn about influence of tourism on economy and on socially - cultural aspects of life of people, the most important international tourist organizations, tourism development prospects; to get acquainted with those subtleties on which work in tourist firm is based; to learn motives for which people travel; to reveal problems which it is necessary to understand during training.

Economic value of tourism as source of monetary receipts, employment of the population, activization of regional development, factor of restructuring of economy during a post-industrial era constantly increases. The industry of tourism is among three leading branches of the world economy, slightly conceding only to the oil-extracting industry and automotive industry.