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Over a quarter of volume of the services rendered to nonresidents was the share of branches of transport. Reduction of cost of export of transport services to foreign countries made 3%, to the CIS countries - 6 percent. In a decisive way decrease by 10% of services of a water transport affected here.

The countries, with the scarce balance of payments, usually undertake the following actions for the purpose of stimulation of export, control of import of goods, attraction of the foreign capitals, restrictions of export of the capitals.

From the accounting point of view the balance of payments always is in balance. But according to its main sections or the active balance if receipts exceed payments takes place, or passive - if payments exceed receipts.

Dual influence of export of the capital on the balance of payments of the export country is that it increases its passive, but forms base for inflow to the country of percent and dividends through a certain period. However inflow of percent and dividends decreases at reinvestment of part of profits in the country of the application of the capital. For example, branches of the American corporations in Western Europe reinvest about a half of the profits got in this region. Export of the capital distracts means which could be used for modernization of export branches.

With growth of welfare in the developed countries scales of the international tourism as a part of which the considerable part is made by business trips in connection with internationalization of modern production sharply increased.

economically not justified, it is also possible to tell that in the considered period nonresidents already completely were reoriented on the standard mechanism of investment, i.e. carried out investments on the GKO-OFZ market, using only the official mechanism.

private operations - transfers of foreign workers, experts, relatives home. Great economic value has this appearance of operations. Italy, Turkey, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Pakistan, Egypt and other countries pay much attention to regulation of trip abroad of the citizens on earnings as use this source of considerable currency receipts for development of economy. For Germany, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, the USA, the Republic of South Africa and other countries which are temporarily involving foreign workers and experts, on the contrary, such money transfers are a source of deficiency of this article of the balance of payments.