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Reserves of fresh water are not boundless, with growth of population, development of the industry the need for water resources sharply increased. Comparing need for water resources and their existence, it is necessary to plan economic activity.

Conclusion: the receipt part of balance consists of three sources: surface, underground and returnable water. The total amount of existence of water resources increased on 0,21km the Most part make a surface water (about 95%).

Along with the industry the agriculture is very developed. Large livestock complexes on production of meat and milk are created. Pig-breeding and poultry farming is developed. Potatoes, sugar beet, forage crops are grown up grain.

Analogy methods — are based on use with the relevant amendments of the data obtained at operation of earlier realized object (historical analogy) or use of special physical or mathematical model (physical or mathematical analogies).

Factual methods — are based on use for expected calculations of the actual basic data characterizing a condition of the considered object or process in past and present time. These methods use means of a lag effect of the movement of development. Methods are usually used for short and medium-term forecasting.

In turn the actual specific production of food is determined by a formula: q1 = VP / H, where VP – the actual gross output of agricultural production in the region, kg; H – the actual population in the region, persons.

Before passing directly to calculations and the text of work, it is necessary to provide some information characterizing essence of process of planning (essence of calculation of indicators on the future and definitions of the developed tendencies).

Optimality and validity of plans. Consists in finding of such technically feasible version of the solution of an objective which the given restrictions on resources, provides the best functioning of object, development of the enterprise, the territory.

The program and target method — in target comprehensive programs is defined a complex of the tasks and actions necessary for the solution of the allocated social, economic or environmental problem. Is part of the system analysis.

Under deficiency of the main food shortage of these products for normal functioning of all branches of the region. Therefore it is necessary to take timely measures for elimination of deficiency of food.

First of all consider such directions of elimination of deficiency of agricultural production as reduction of losses and increase in its production on a place, as the most economic. Actions will be used in process of their rise in price.

The unity of plans — is a ²sopodchinennost ² plans on ²vertikal ² managements. Plans of lower level are developed and coordinate with the corresponding indicators of the plan of higher level. Also used indicators and a technique, criterion of justification of the alternative decision are uniform.