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Some of numerous kinds of exchange of information between the head and the subordinate are connected with clearing of tasks, priorities and the expected results; providing involvement into the solution of tasks of department; with discussion of problems of overall performance; achievement of recognition and remuneration for the purpose of motivation; improvement and development of abilities of subordinates; with collection of information about the becoming ripe or real-life problem; the notification of the subordinate about the future change; and also obtaining data on ideas, improvements and offers.

Perhaps, the most obvious component of communications in the organization are the relations between the head and the subordinate. Though they are an example of exchange of information down about what it was told above, we consider this type of exchange of information separately as it makes the main part of communicative activity of the head. Researches showed that 2/3 these activity are realized between managing directors and operated.

Though all process of communications often comes to the end for some seconds that complicates allocation of its stages, we will analyse these stages to show what problems can arise in different points. This analysis is similar to attentive looking at each shot of a short episode on a film.

Main objective of communication process - ensuring understanding of information which is an exchange subject, i.e. messages. However the fact of exchange of information does not guarantee efficiency of communication of the people participating in an exchange. You, of course, faced cases of ineffective exchange of information with friends, a family, employees at work. Better to understand process of exchange of information and a condition of its efficiency, it is necessary to have idea of stages of process in which two or bigger number of people participate.